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Amazon Web Service

Arguably world's largest hosting platform. You name an application or service or even infra and you will get it on AWS. We run your requirements of SAS, IAAS, PAAS on AWS. TecRivulet provides custom solutions that can help you migrate or transition or even bridge your system requirement.

 Zendesk CRM on cloud

One stop shop to over come challenges of connecting with your customers. Email, chat, phone, messenger, social media, custom reports, BI and much more. They are API based so you can integrate with virtually any other system or software. Try Zendesk. We can help you place a ready solution that can start taking care of your customers from the word go

Office 365

A complete office suit that suits your productivity requirements. Online, available and flexible anytime anywhere. Pick and chose from different applications and save on cloud with assurance of data availability by Microsoft itself

We help you make the right decision if you need to move to CLOUD or not. Our experts and services help you put up your first cloud system or application hosted on it. You can also give your transitions to us, where on premise complex systems like ERP or CRM can be moved to cloud hosted environment or absolutely hosted applications by third parties. Assess your throughput, storage, processing, availability & QOS SLAs through us.

Our partnership with companies like Microsoft and Amazon for their most trusted cloud environments can give you best of the features at best of the prices

There are plethora of options and capabilities available that you can use right from setting up a test environment to staging to a full fledged software hosting

Currently we provide hosted CRM and ERP services, backup space, Test environment and many more using our cloud enabled system